Guild Wars: Factions Launches

By John Hoskin -

Release the scantily clad character models, or the hounds.
NCSoft opened up the doors to Guild Wars: Factions at midnight last night for pre-order customers. The rest of us get to try it out starting tonight at the witching hour.

"ArenaNet, developer of the award-winning online roleplaying game Guild Wars, and NCsoft Corporation, the world's leading developer and publisher of online computer games, announce today that one of the year's most-anticipated PC titles, Guild Wars Factions, has officially shipped. For fans of the game that revolutionized online roleplaying, the wait is nearly over as Guild Wars Factions goes out today to retail stores worldwide.
Guild Wars Factions is the stand-alone follow-up to Guild Wars, the game that set new standards in online gaming with fresh design, innovative technology and no-subscription-fee pricing. With an expected retail price of $49.99, Guild Wars Factions will be available worldwide and servers supporting the new release will "go live" at 12:01 AM PDT /7:01 GMT on April 28, 2006."

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