PotBS: PvP Tournament

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There Can Be Only One!

Lots of fun in store this weekend over at PotBS. Bring your game, pirate attitude and have some fun.

In an effort to help us test PvP in the upcoming 1.4 build, a member of the community has organized a tournament on the Testbed server this Saturday!

We were so inspired by Kashka_CoolwaterÂ’s efforts that weÂ’ve decided to add to the fun by donating some prizes. The overall winner of the event will receive the following:

• 256MB RADEON X1650XT Video Card
• Pirates of the Burning Sea Map
• Pirates of the Burning Sea 30-Day Game Card
• Pirates of the Burning Sea • Soundtrack and In-game Items (Parrot & Weapon)
• Pirates of the Burning Sea T-shirt

Second, third, fourth fifth and sixth place runners up will also all receive swag, so your chances of grabbing a prize are high!

The tournament will take place from 10am Pacific time on Saturday, May 24th. FLS staffers will be on hand, and weÂ’re expecting it to be a lot of fun.

For more details, please visit PotBS.

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