WoW: Rogue Poison Guide Updated

Sneaky...Veeerrrry Sneaky!
Sneaky...Veeerrrry Sneaky!

Poisons are a staple of the rogue class. They provide damage, the ability to snare, the ability to debuff, and in many ways truly define the rogue as a sneak that will use any means to take out its target. The many poisons a rogue can apply to their weapon can boost a rogue's potential by leaps and bounds, and using the right poisons and the right time can truly define your average and great players.

Let's talk PvP vs. PvE. In PvP you're going to want some crippling poison for one reason and one reason only: it's awesome. It snares the enemy, reapplies itself often, can cover up another poison, and well snares the enemy! It's best to apply it to your main-hand or your slowest weapon. It'll apply often enough and it's always best to save your off-hand for your best poison. Now let's talk off-hand poisons. Deadly poison is pretty much going to be your best choice unless you want that instant hit.

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