WoW Fan Art and Screen Shot Contest

Posted Fri, May 23, 2008 by Ram

Smile, you filthy Orc. Smile!

You know you want one. I do! My wife would love this on the bedroom wall.

Say "cheese" in WoW and win an Epic Weapon's Frostmourne replica at

Everyone has a chance to win a coveted Frostmourne replica sword, in this WoW fan art and screen shot contest for the artistically challenged.

"We had originally planned a contest similar to the one Blizzard is holding now," said Angela Bull, gamerDNA's Director of MetaGames."They beat us to it. So instead we altered our rules, and presto chango, a fan art contest for the rest of us was born."

GuildCafe wants to entice you to try their new GamerDNA panel and see the beauty of tracking your experiences through all games (really, all games – console, PC single player, and MMORPG). To enter the simple random drawing, GamerDNA members need only to upload a portrait of their favorite WoW character to their GamerDNA panel.

Say Cheese at GuildCafe.

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