Ten Ton Hammer's Age of Conan Keep Building Video

Break Out the Ten Ton Hammers--Let's Build a Keep!

Whenever a new massively multiplayer game is released, high level guilds seem to spring up in their wake. With players that are eager to claim the top spot on their particular server, each of these guilds races to see which can be the first on their server to defeat certain bosses or build particular pieces of equipment. In Age of Conan, the prestigious guilds are set apart by their ability to generate enough resources to construct guild cities, and the Ten Ton Hammer guild has done just that! Thanks to the eager efforts of the guild members along with Tsincaat, Icehouse, Heloisa and Biggrin, who were there for the Keep construction, we have a documented video of the whole event.

If you're interested in joining the Ten Ton Hammer guild, just drop by our forums at the Age of Conan community site. Everyone is welcome!

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