WildTangent: Exclusive ION 2008 Interview with Alex St. John

Going Off on a Tangent at ION Games Conference
Going Off on a Tangent at ION Games Conference

Known for his experienced approach to gaming, WildTangent's Alex St. John has a lengthy history within the industry. At the 2008 ION Games Conference he spoke out against PC gaming being overtaken by consoles, and championed the cause of the more casual game. Ten Ton Hammer was fortunate enough to sit down and hear his philosophy on foreign markets, microtransactions, and more.

Ten Ton Hammer: How do you feel about the acceptance of microtransactions in the US markets?

Alex St. John: A lot of people think that online web business currency was invented in Asia, which isn't true. It was invented in the US and failed here but succeeded there for interesting reasons. The first is, in this market we have very good anti-piracy and copyright laws which sustains a market for single player games that aren't easily stolen. People are generally honest in the US and respect the copyright laws so you are able to sell content. In Asia this isn't quite the case, so there is no competition for any other business model.

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