Download an Excerpt from EVE: The Empyrean Age novel

Read an excerpt from the upcoming Tony Gonzales novel...

Read an excerpt from the upcoming Tony Gonzales novel...

CCP, the creator of EVE Online, has never shied away from doing big things, and the upcoming Empyrean Age expansion is so big, CCP felt it warranted a novel. EVE: The Empyrean Age tells the story of the events leading up to the outbreak of factional warfare in EVE Online. Available for pre-order now and for purchase on June 19th, you can download a glimpse of the book in PDF format right here at the EVE Online Ten Ton Hammer community site.

They emerged from a vast area filled with metallic housing structures that provided shelter, warmth,and little else.There were rows upon rows of these spartan living spaces filling a rock basin dozens of kilometers across, surrounding the Caldari Constructions Armor Forge at its heart. One of several industrial mega-complexes owned and operated by the corporation, the factory manufactured the composite alloys used to build everything from hand-held tools to a capital ship's heavy armor plating,often forcing its workers to operate their equipment under perilous conditions.

That's just a quick glimpse, so to read more, click here to download the entire excerpt from EVE: The Empyrean Age in PDF format.

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