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By John Hoskin -

Prior to E3 I had very little knowledge of Pirates of the Burning Sea (PotBS) and truth be told I had very little interest in pretending that I was a pirate. Any attempts to saunter into my bedroom wearing only an eye-patch and commenting on my "peg leg" have always met with disdain from my wife. I'm allergic to feathers, so having a parrot is right out and as far as I am concerned anyone who wants to spend countless days on a boat floating around at sea while in the exclusive company of men who have an aversion to bathing has more things wrong with them than I care to count.
Besides, ninjas are better than pirates. Everyone knows that! At least I thought they did...
A Booth Babe Contest, Ninja vs Pirate, which American Idol contestant got Vin Diesel's vote, Five new MMOG artices and crazy real world news are but a click away.
Loading... May 25, 2006 Edition - This edition will never be written again. That's a promise.

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