SOE Cross-game Communication Reference

Talk to your friends, no matter what SOE game they are playing.

Talk to your friends, no matter what SOE game they are playing.

SOE has for a long time implemented a system where you can talk to people not only on other servers, but on other games as well. This system isn't widely known about, and is a little confusing to use. In an attempt to clear up the confusion, the SOE dev's have released a handy guide to talking to other games.

So you're back in the swing of things, and you just remembered the name of an old friend! But he or she is playing on a different server or in another SOE game now. So how do you get in touch? It's pretty easy!

Players of EverQuest, EverQuest II, Planetside, Vanguard, The Matrix Online and Star Wars: Galaxies can easily chat with one another by using specific chat syntax. You can also send mail to your fellow players in any SOE game. Listed below are instructions on how you can stay in contact with your friends across different SOE titles.

(Note: you may use either the semi-colon (SMILEY;) or the left bracket ([) symbol as both work interchangeably, it's just up to your personal preference. However the slash (/) symbol will only work in EQ on the same server for tells or joining channels.)

For full instructions, check the EQ forums.

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