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Posted Thu, May 25, 2006 by Awenyddion

The weirdest thing about this is... I belong at this site. *feels herself getting older and older as the WoW minutes pass* has conducted an interview with our very own Stieg Hedlund. Check out what he has to say about minions, loot, and the various other things you can expect to see in Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising!

"No one likes loot more than me. Quests will certainly provide some of the monetary and items rewards, but there will also be plenty of loot in the world, both dropping from defeated NPCs and from chests. The item and looting systems are rooted in my experience on the Diablo franchise, and will be similarly robust and rewarding-you never know what you'll get!"

There are also several new screenshots exclusive to

Get the goods here.


Gods & Heroes strikes down subscriptions and opens the game to current players for free until the new model kicks in.

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