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By John Hoskin -

If you are American you are likely preparing for Memorial Day, which is the yearly migration of Americans north to Canada. Our illegal immigrant problem skyrockets this weekend as countless thousands of Americans cross the border with no intention of ever going back. I do happen to be looking for a gardener, so if any of you are heading up the 401 from Toronto to Ottawa feel free to drop off a resume, in Canadian English please...find the "u" on your keyboard and use it.
If you frequent our network then you are aware that we tell it like we see it. Our honesty and our opinion sometimes gets us in disfavor with developers and publishers. It's a curious conundrum. We rely on developers and publishers to bestow exclusive content on our network and they in turn rely on us to give their titles exposure. It's a lot like getting a loan from a bank. You go in and ask for a loan. They immediately ask you if you have any money as collateral. The answer of course is, "No", because if you had the money you wouldn't be at the bank asking for it now would you?
Oh, there's more, including 8 new MMOG articles, Vin Diesel and even some educational material regarding gold farmers.
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