Anatomy of WoW Dungeons Presentation Video from Blizzard WWI '08

Many lessons learned...

Many lessons learned...

In the first of a four-part video series, Blizzard devs Tom Chilton (Lead Game Designer), J. Allen Brack (Warcraft Lead Producer), and Cory Stockton (Lead Level Designer) deliver a compelling look at Blizzard's endgame instances - past, present, and future. Topics of discussions included lessons learned from Burning Crusade, revisiting Naxxramas as a completely revamped Northrend instance, loot and itemization, and much more!

Everyone can view the presentation segment, but Ten Ton Hammer Premium Members get 15 minutes of bonus content including some suprising comments during the Q&A portion of the session! See our latest video at the WoW - Ten Ton Hammer community site!

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