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Posted Tue, Jun 27, 2006 by Boomjack

After a one-day hiatus I am back.
England stumbled through the round of 16 at the World Cup and now play a injury and red-card riddled Portugese squad in the quarter-finals. That's the good news, for me at least.
The bad news is that NCSoft laid off 70 people in their Austin studios. You remember NCSoft, the company that brings you games that are innovative. You remember NCSoft, they are the company that brings you games that step outside of the land of Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings.
You wanted to see men wearing tights and NCSoft delivered with City of Heroes. It wasn't enough! You wanted to see evil men wearing tights and NCSoft came through with City of Villains. You cried like girls or babies or baby girls for a MMOG that had no monthly fee and NCSoft wiped away your tears with Guild Wars. You stamped your feet and held your breath until your face turned blue lamenting the fact that there were no fast paced, run and gun, play by the seat of your pants MMOGs and NCSoft drove Auto Assault in your local gaming store. Camaros with cannons! It's fun! I play it and my only complaint is that the low population makes it hard to get some quests done.
In the end, the community that moaned for something more, something different and something new didn't support the innovative games. Over six million people are playing a game with Dwarfs and Elves and an amount that would fit through the eye of a needle are playing Auto Assault. Every time you pay the monthly subscription to your MMOG of choice you vote. You can't vote one way and expect the publishers of MMOGs to believe that you want something else. I don't care how many of those "Chicken Soup For The Soul" books you read the MMOG genre isn't going to become a better place just because you "feel" it should be. The community is spinning in circles like a one-armed rower at a regatta.
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