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By John Hoskin -

I'm astonished by how many of you came to the aid of the children, donating gold, badger pelts and rat tails to the Orgrimmar Children's Fund. Well done! The virtual children are learning the same lesson we are teaching our real younglings, 'If you lay around all day doing nothing, the state will support you.'
Trinity University has taken it upon themselves, or rather upon their undergrads to write up papers that will enlighten us about MMOGs. Credibility went the way of the dodo when this diaspora of writers titled their little jaunt into our favourite hobby, 'Games for the Web'. I love playing WoW and EQ2 on the web, but City of Heroes is even better. Firefox is a dandy game interface. If you have an error in the four word title of the project it doesn't bode well for the 15 research papers you are delivering.
MMOG pub crawl research, Vin Diesel and gobs of new MMOG info are but a click away.
Loading... June 29, 2006 [Bachelor of Mangina Edition]

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