Fallen Earth Sheds Light on Launch Features

Moonshadow sheds some light on Fallen Earth.

Moonshadow sheds some light on Fallen Earth.

The Community Manager for Fallen Earth, Moonshadow, is sharing more information about the current features at launch and additional news on the gameplay. As stated earlier, the game is "feature complete" which means they have narrowed down the list of what will be included at launch and which features will patch in later. Included in the posted update by Moonshadow is a response to a question of whether vehicles can carry passengers. Passengers are not making it into the game for the launch, but it looks like that feature will be included at some point since "It’s a functionality we really want to have."

On a more epic level, information revealed on "server events" includes:

" The most basic server events planned are retaking towns. We have some towns we weren’t able to give appropriate love to during development, so instead of taking them out completely most of them are overrun by raiders, infected, etc. After launch, players will be able to go in and free these places in server events."

In addition to the big-picture server events, there will also be "town events":

"We’ve had some interesting developments lately in what we’re calling “town events.” These are scripted events associated with a specific town that players can interact with, and which change as the storyline progresses."

For the rest of the developer post and response, drop in on Fallen Earth.

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