Death Knight Previews Rune Amok

Posted Mon, Jul 28, 2008 by Medeor

Death Knights running amok, or at least the previews are.

I want Death knights, yes, plural, I want two or more. Maybe a Horde version, and an Alliance version and then top it off with a PvP version (TBD). Apparently I'm not alone, and there are others clamoring for more. The interwebs are lighting up with reviews, previews and information about the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft. Today there are two new reviews, the first at and the other at Eurogamer, both of which spend significant time discussing the Death Knight. If you have ever listened to the Legendary Thread podcast on 1Up, then you know Demain Linn (author of the 1Up review) is the main host and a true fount of Warcraft knowledge.

While there is a whole new continent to explore, it is easy to see why the Death Knight is the primary discussion. The Death Knight is the new class and new race (sort of) all rolled into one. It has it's own starting area, and it has a little something for everyone - magic, melee, and don't forget a wicked looking pony.

After whetting your appetite on those preview/reviews, make sure you read the Ten Ton Hammer tag-team preview of the Death Knight Gameplay.

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