Blizzard Posts Need for Console Devs

Posted Fri, Jul 07, 2006 by Ethec

Wowee... a WoW Wii?

This just in from the ravenous Blizzard speculation department, Blizzard has job postings announcing a need for a console game producer. What you see below is the barest scintilla of the number of frantic posts about this announcement. I only hope that North Korea doesn't choose to launch on the day that an official Blizzard announcement comes; Japan probably won't hear the emergency broadcast about incoming scuds over the fanboi din.

While rumors of work on a console version of World of Warcraft remain just that, the job post mentions that Blizzard is looking for an experienced Senior Producer "with a proven track record of producing high quality console games." In addition, under "Plusses" Blizzard mentions that it would be better for the candidate to have "Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii production experience."

Someone from Blizzard should write a book on how to create hype by not saying a thing and letting the playerbase writhe like caffeinated worms. It would be a very short book.

Read on at GameDaily, or hold your ears and wait till something concrete comes out. Your pick.

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