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By John Hoskin -

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The CFD-F10SILVER Boombox
Was $79.95. Now $39.95.
It has been rumoured for some time that John "The Romero" Romero, co-founder of Id Software was making his way into the MMOG industry. Daikatana the MMOG you say? Pshaw!!!
The Romero has opened a new studio, Ion Storm The Barricades. Alright, it's not called that, it is called Slipgate Ironworks and is located near Redwood City in California. Good luck to John with his new venture. In John's own words, let's hope this one doesn't, "Suck it down!"
Karen, our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes community manager put me on to a gold farming quote by Zack Karlsson, Director of Business Development at Sigil.
Four new MMOG articles, pavement and gold farmers are but a click away.
Loading... July 12, 2006 [The Romero Edition]

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