EQ2: Gnolls vs Orcs

Posted Thu, Jul 27, 2006 by LadySirse

Gnolls vs Orcs: The Epic Battle

A struggle on a epic scale, the battle between the Orcs and the Gnolls. Who would win? The answer will suprise you (or not once you realize Coyote wrote this). Take a look at the hard hitting facts, as Coyote enlightens you on the strengths and weaknesses of these two races.

Generic bad guys are hard to come by now a days. In a world of EverQuest II, where the good guys and the bad guys can be actual players, the role of "mass produced common enemy that you can whack the snot out of regardless of your chosen alignment" blurs and shifts as each race tries to claw its way to the top.

Find out more from Coyote at EQ2 Ten Ton Hammer! When you're done head to the forums and add your thoughts!


This announcement is so full of win we could hardly wait to tell you about it. Today EQHammer announced its User-generated Content System. In the spirit of EverQuest Next Landmark, where players are the superstars creating cool things, we’ve decided to give you - the players, the dreamers of dreams and the makers of guides - a platform.

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