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Posted Fri, Jul 28, 2006 by Boomjack

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A long time ago, in this very column I wrote about an attention whore named Sara Andrews [February 7, 2006 Loading...]. Sara was upset that Blizzard would not let her publicly recruit for her GLBT guild in the General Chat Channel of World of Warcraft. I have nothing against those of the homosexual persuasion, but broadcating sexual orientation in the chat channel of a game, especially World of Warcraft is guaranteed to incite a riot among the homophobe and I.Q. challenged swarm of humanity present.

With that in mind, I now create a new character on every new WoW server and rush to Goldshire where I blast out an advertisement for a hypothetical GLBT guild, "Bottoms Up" just to see the nest of hornets rise up and attempt to virtually sting me. Comedy gold folks, comedy gold.
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