Pirates of the Caribbean Online Contest and Prizes

Posted Fri, Aug 22, 2008 by Medeor

Go after the bounty and score some booty.

This weekend is not only Free Preview Weekend at Pirates of the Caribbean Online, it is a free preview with contests! From baseball caps to membership upgrades Pirates of the Caribbean will be doling out 200 prizes. Following is the 411 on the contest:

Hoist Your Colors Privateering Contest!

When: Friday, August 22 (12:01 AM) through Sunday, August 24 (11:59 PM Pacific Time)

Where: The Privateer Islands - Isla de la Avaricia and Ile D'Etable de Porc

How: Form a crew - then take to the high seas as a Privateer! The top Privateers with the highest scores will win.
Score is based on Bounty and number of Ships Sunk, so go after ships with the highest Bounty. Good hunting!

Prizes: The Top 100 Unlimited Access Members* will win a Limited Edition, numbered and bound "Privateer's License" and an Official Pirates of the Caribbean Online baseball cap.
The Top 100 Basic Access Players will win an Official Pirates of the Caribbean Online baseball cap.

As with all contests, restrictions apply, please check the official website and "Join the Pirate Revolution" at Pirates of the Caribbean Online.


It's always sad to see a game go, but it seems that Pirates of the Caribbean Online is pulling into port one last time in September. At that time, Captain Jack and crew sail off into the wild blue yonder, forever.

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