MTV Goes to WAR

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MTV goes to a WAR party, and Jay-Z doesn't even show up!

MTV has delivered their Five Impressive ‘Warhammer Online’ Features, From A Fan and it is full of screenshots that really bring the experience to the reader, from the character selection to the example of a public quest popping on the screen. Speaking of public quests, make sure to check out our exclusive maps for the Public Quests of Ekrund. Back to MTV, and while I won't spoil all five features discussed, I think it is critical to relay that MTV remains true to its constituents by bringing out the bling:

"#5 - I love to dye! I believe this is the final key component — and the most important one — in this game. I was desperately trying to get a hat. As “Warhammer” fans know, a proper Witch Hunter needs a hat. I finally figured out I needed to go to Tier 2 to get it. When I did, I also bought a cape. The cape was dull white. Seeing that white cloak on my guy reminded me of the plastic miniatures you would buy for the tabletop game. Part of the fun (although I wasn’t that good at it) in “Warhammer Fantasy Battle” was to paint the models. Mythic has incorporated this element into the MMO and in my opinion it’s genius."

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