Set Five for Legends of Norrath - Ethernauts!

Posted Tue, Sep 09, 2008 by Morvelaira

Travel back 4000 years in Norrath's history!

Ethernauts, the latest set for Legends of Norrath has been announced and will be released later next month.

DENVER, COLO. – September 9, 2008 – Sony Online Entertainment LLC announces that a new card set for the popular online strategy game Legends of Norrath™ (LoN) is in development at SOE’s Denver studio and heading for release next month. Dubbed Ethernauts, this set adds 280 new cards, including new light and shadow cards that add powerful deck customization, 20+ new loot cards for EverQuest® and EverQuest® II, and a new Starter Pack option that provides gamers with enough cards to build four starter decks for one low price.
“Ethernauts provides gamers the opportunity to play as the great heroes of Norrath,” said Scott Martins, director of development for SOE Denver. “This set will give players the whole story behind the events in the upcoming EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey™ expansion launching in November. Ethernauts provides gamers the back story and history they need to fully unravel the mysteries of The Shadow Odyssey!”
This set kicks off the newest Legends of Norrath story arc, starting 4,000 years ago when void storms and terrible creatures threatened the very existence of Norrath. Only a handful of brave heroes, the Ethernauts, kept the world from extinction. Players will experience this epic story through Legends of Norrath, taking this knowledge into the present EverQuest II timeline, where strange void storms trouble Norrath once again.

For more information, please visit the Legends of Norrath official site.


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