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Ever Wanted to Be A Guide? Now's Your Chance...

Posted on the official site for EQ2 is a news item looking for those brave few who wish to become a Guide. If you like helping your fellow players then you will want to check this out...

The last thing you remember was reaching out for Zuzzil the Enchanter's Wand, then darkness... You begin to awaken and feel somehow different. You look down to find...

...everything is normal. Wait, no...something is not right. My hands! I cannot move my hands! Nor my feet! Nothing! I cannot move anything! What is going on here? My eyes feel as if they are glass, yet I can still see. My lungs still function and my brain is still lucid. What has happened to me? Hmm...perhaps I am still dreaming. No, that cannot be since I feel the cool breeze of wind across my face and arms. "Hahaha! Another sorry adventurer to add to my collection! You'll make a fine addition to my garden, yes, a fine addition. Such an elegant pose and unique features. If I dare say so, you are my finest piece of art!" A piece of art? What does this mad man mean? Can it be true, am I nothing but a piece of art? My feet and legs do look different, almost grey and lifeless. I can barely strain to see my torso, yet from the corner of my eyes it also appears grey, almost...stone like. Oh gods, am I what I think I am? "Such a fine statue. I could not have commissioned a more perfect sculpture!"

Ever wonder what happens next? Do you want to find out? If so the Guide Program is looking for more adventurers.

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