Star Trek Online: A Few Words with Leonard Nimoy

Posted Tue, Sep 16, 2008 by Aurael

Spock speaks!

When embarking on a journey to create a game such as Star Trek Online, a wise move is to get input from a Star Trek icon, and Cryptic Studios has done just that. Joining the developer interviews and fiction updates, an interview with the actor who played Spock has now been released. Leonard Nimoy sat down and had a few words with Cryptic about the development of Star Trek Online, being a Star Trek actor and his future plans.

Why is it, do you think, that Star Trek has had such a lasting appeal and why does it affect people so deeply?

Leonard Nimoy: Because it reaches the imagination? I think one of the most important aspects is the sense of hopefulness about the future.


The Undine are back and they’re conflict will be the key focus in Season 9 of STO next month.

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