Ryzom Shares Plans

The Shadowy Owners Speak!

The Shadowy Owners Speak!

Saga of Ryzom has done what few MMOs before it have done... it has resurrected itself. While we -still- don't know a lot about the people who now own and operate the game, they have been so kind as to let us in on their basic plans.

1. To get profitable and raise enough money to allow us to finance all our development dreams.
2. To get all our new Developer Teams up to date with the Ryzom Code - which I can assure you is no little task as the code of Ryzom includes millions of lines.
3. Meanwhile, with the help of our new CTO Vianney Lecroart, we are preparing a yearly dev plan of tasks, milestones, and goals that we would like to achieve, prioritize and define; in short, all the things that will make our game even better like completing bug fixes, implementing new missions, creating new content and new game features that we think you will love and deserve to have.

They also say that the game will remain free to play at least until the end of October. After that, all bets are off.

For more information, please check the Saga of Ryzom official forums.

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