Loading... August 30, 2006 [It's Dead Jim Edition]

By John Hoskin -

First the good news! Our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes site is hiring and you know that that means right? You got it, interrogation and inquisition. We have ways of making you talk and they are located right here. If you are looking to get your foot in the door of the games industry, looking for a change or just curious about our interrogation methods then click that mouse.

Now the bad news! Do not buy an Alienware product, ever, under any circumstances. Those of you who have read this column over the last year or so have read often about my experience with a $3,500 Alienware laptop, also known as the most expensive doorstop to ever be delivered to my door. It has had its share of problems, but this morning it decided enough was enough. Done. Dead! It won't boot up and in fact there isn't even the most remote sign of life. No lights. No sounds. Just dead silicon.
Doorstops, Jobs, iPods in toilets, four exlusive MMOG articles and much more is but a click away. Loading... August 30, 2006 [It's Dead Jim Edition]

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