DIRECTV BlizzCon Package Preview

Posted Fri, Sep 26, 2008 by Xerin

More details about the BlizzCon package.


For anyone interested in experiencing the panels, contests, tournaments, and other highlights of BlizzCon from the comfort of their own home, we'd like to provide a more thorough idea of what to expect from DIRECTV's U.S. pay per view package of live HD event coverage.

Multiple cameras will be travelling the show floor to capture the experience of being at BlizzCon, and the coverage will be anchored from a central broadcast desk. The hosts for the show will be:

* Geoff Keighley, executive producer and host of Spike's GameTrailers TV, the #1-rated videogame show on television
* Becky "AKTREZ" Young, creator and leading lady of the Girls Entertainment Network
* Kat Hunter, general manager of professional gaming team for the Championship Gaming Series, the San Francisco Optx, and former Frag Doll

Celebrity guests Patton Oswalt and Jay Mohr will also be appearing -- Jay is returning to host the live BlizzCon contests, and Patton will be performing a comedy routine during the closing-night ceremony, which will also feature all-Blizzard rock band Level 80 Elite Tauren Chieftain. In addition, senior Blizzard Entertainment developers such as Rob Pardo, Jay Wilson, Dustin Browder, and Jeff Kaplan will be rotating in and out of the broadcast desk throughout the day to talk about their work and share their thoughts on the convention as it unfolds.

Viewers will also enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the Blizzard Entertainment headquarters, get the BlizzCon-exclusive in-game polar bear mount for a World of Warcraft character they play, and be able to download high-resolution cinematic trailers for upcoming games (with an appropriate DVR).

DIRECTV is currently running a special promotion -- available only through the BlizzCon website -- offering the pay per view event free to new customers who sign up for DIRECTV by September 30. Time is running out on this offer, so act quickly.

Beginning this Sunday, September 28, through the end of the convention, current DIRECTV customers will be able to order the package for $39.95. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-728-9375.

Click here fore more details.

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