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WAR: Know your Wednesday Hotfix

Posted Thu, Oct 09, 2008 by Taea

Yesterday saw a giant hotfix for Warhammer Online. Mythic Entertainment had quite a few updates to gift to players, including fixing a previously un-completeable Public Quest.

Capital Cities

* Ambassadors found in the capital cities will no longer buy and sell items.
* Fixed an issue that was preventing players from gaining full access to the Sigmar’s Crypt dungeon.


* The level of the lair boss "Old Oozeback" has been adjusted to bring him in line with the intended difficulty of the lair.
* Arcane Teachings: Fixed an issue with this quest that could, in some cases, prevent players who abandoned the quest from starting it again.
* Horn Heads: Fixed an issue with this quest that could, in some cases, prevent players who abandoned the quest from starting it again.
* Marsh Rune: Fixed an issue that could, in some cases, prevent players from completing this quest.
* Murder Wood: Players will no longer be offered an invalid version of this quest in Empire Chapter 1.
* Undoing Evil: There was an issue preventing the Lesser Daemons from granting kill credit in this quest. This has been fixed, and the Lesser Daemons should now grant credit properly.
* Not Meant to Know: Fixed an issue that was preventing players from completing this quest.
* Status Report: The monster "Meshel Rhurvan" will no longer drop the quest item for players who are not currently participating in this quest.
* Da Drakk Cult, the Cult of Drakk, and The Drakk Revealed: The Drakk Wardens in Cinderfall have found their keys to the prisoner cages and will only part with them upon death. As a result, players will now be able to advance the public quests "Da Drakk Cult" and "The Cult of Drakk" beyond stage one. In addition players are now able to complete the quest "The Drakk Revealed".
* The Hammerstriker Cannoneer has been removed from Greenskin Chapter 11, and will no longer spawn there.
* Kurga da Squig-Maker will no longer drop items for invalid careers.


* The area around the Arbor of Light keep has been adjusted in order to correct an issue that sometimes allowed players to bypass some of the keep's defenses.
* Realm guards will now spawn properly at captured battlefield objectives in the Chaos Wastes.
* Dok Karaz, the keep in Barak Varr, will now accept Dwarf rams on its ram siege pads when the keep is under Destruction control.

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