Disney Expands Toontown Online

Posted Tue, Sep 19, 2006 by LadySirse

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

Disney has issued a press release this morning to announce the next expansion for Disney's Toontown Online. This expansion will bring gardening to the game.

The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) today announced the introduction of Gardening, an exciting expansion of Disney's (NYSE: DIS) Toontown Online, the critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online (MMO) game for kids and families. Gardening introduces new game play that allows players to grow and care for flowers and trees and to customise their own Toon estates. Gardening appeals to all players both young and old.

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Fri, May 23, 2008

House of Commons Transcript Released

Stratics has posted their transcripts from the first ever Toontown House of Commons chat.

Preston - *Trish* A few weeks ago, there was a massive amount of accounts put on administrative hold for alleged macro usage, and many of us claim to have never used a macro. Some toons called customer service and were told this was due to a bug in the system. Two questions: What caused this to happen, and are the flags that would've been placed upon these accounts now removed?

TT_Greg - Like most MMOs, we take cheats and exploits very seriously. TT_Greg - The action we took a few weeks back was intentional and not a bug. TT_Greg - Unfortunately, sometimes there will be false positives when we do a sweeping action like this. TT_Greg - If you feel you have been wrongly accused, please contact Customer Service and we will make evry attempt to make it up to you. TT_Greg - But the bottom line is: when the devs are looking into cheaters, we aren't spending time adding features to the game!

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Mon, Dec 04, 2006

Disney's Toontown Online Now Available for Macintosh

In a press release issued today it was announced that Mac users can now jump on into the fun of Toontown...

"We are thrilled to offer Mac players the chance to get in on the fun and help expand the world of Toontown," said Steve Parkis, vice president of Premium Content for Disney Online. "One of the reasons Toontown is so popular is there's always something new for players – like the special new gags we've just added to the game."

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Wed, Nov 29, 2006

Disney's Toontown Online To Launch In South East Asia

Hot off the wire...Disney issued a press release to announce their expansion into South East Asia. Toontown is due to be available to children and families in this new area in early 2007.

"Disney's Toontown Online is a prime example of how we successfully combine new technologies with inspired storytelling to create unique, interactive entertainment experiences for kids and families worldwide," said Duncan Orrell-Jones, senior vice president and managing director, Walt Disney Internet Group Asia Pacific. "WDIG has a significant, rapidly expanding mobile and online presence in the APAC region, and we're pleased to now work with Digital Media Exchange to bring this innovative, award winning game to families in South East Asia," added Mr. Orrell-Jones.

Read the rest of the press release for more details. Share your thoughts with us on this and all your favorite MMOs in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Mon, Sep 25, 2006

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