WAR: Looking for Lore

Mythic Entertainment wants your lore!

Mythic Entertainment wants your lore! Fans of Warhammer Online are asked to submit their stories of their in game characters, to be featured on The Herald. Regale the masses with your heroic tales of conquest, or draw a tear with stories of your lost friends.

If you have a story about your character that youÂ’d like to share with the Warhammer Community, send it in! WeÂ’ll be publishing your lore weekly right here on the Herald. Send your submissions to [email protected] Be sure to put LORE-Order or LORE-Destruction in the Subject, and include the title of the story and your character name and server if youÂ’d like recognition. Any stories submitted become the property of Mythic Entertainment. We canÂ’t wait to read your tales!

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