SK Gaming Takes WoW 3v3 Title in Montreal

Posted Tue, Oct 21, 2008 by Medeor

SK Gaming takes the title, Celex goes Pete Townshend on the laptop.

eSports is officially going big. A dude finished second and destroyed his headset and the tournament laptop. I figured we were still a year out before the kids started getting this uppity, but look what a little bit of success and money thrown at a sport can do. Yet I digress. The big news is that SK Gaming took the crown in the Grand Finals of ESL in Montreal. Gravitas finished second, again. This is the third grand finals Gravitas has taken second place, so I bet you can understand the headset meets laptop smashfest huh?

The other big deal from this particular tournament is that they played with the current live game which means they were all playing on the latest patch. I can't even figure out how to spec my characters let alone play them in a tournament. That little patch did bring some Retribution Paladins into the tournament mix which is a big change, but in the end the same old Rogue-Mage-Priest composition won the day. Xom of SK Gaming answered the question well I thought:

"What are your feelings on the new patch so far, and how do you feel it effected the outcome of the tournament?

Xom: made this tourney EXTREMELY RANDOM AND CHAOTIC."

Check in on how your favorite teams did at Got Frag and find out who from Gravitas went Pete Townshend on the gaming rig.

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