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Loading... Death with Dignity

Posted Mon, Oct 27, 2008 by Ethec

Loading... today looks at the Quaker MMOG "World of Peacecraft" (no joke, other than the obvious one), Richard Garriott's safe return to earth, and the imminent shutdown of Hellgate: London. The last point prompted a postmodern examination of when to kill an online game - after the peak of its popularity, when it has lost the will to live, or should devs just let games wither naturally until the very last gasp? What's your take? Share your thoughts below!

Fortunately, all that late October morbidity is offset by some great real world news links, a lively Star Wars: The Old Republic discussion in our epic forum thread, two great SW:TOR and Carbine Studios (we were wrong about the "established" IP, my Loading... adherents), and no less than 15 new Ten Ton Hammer articles in today's Loading... Death with Dignity!

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