WoW: Warlock Demonology Talent Guide and Talent Main Page

Posted Fri, Dec 12, 2008 by DarkFact

We have updated our Warlock Talent Guides with the skinny on why you would consider investing your hard earned talent points into the Demonology talent tree. If you're a PvP nut, or just love having great survivability while having a buffed up demon companion, as opposed to having harder hitting spells and DoTs, this is the talent tree for you. Come check out what every single Demonology talent does, and why you should or shouldn't grab it! In addition, our Warlock talent main page got updated with new information and images for easier navigation.

Demonology is considered the PvP talent tree by many. Nearly every single talent will boost your or your demon's survivability in some way, allowing for you to have more health and some unique benefits, especially in the PvP environment, in order to outdo your opponents. If you use this tree heavily, your demon pet becomes invaluable.

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