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Patch Notes January 8th, 2005

By John Hoskin -

Another batch of changes...

*** Gameplay ***

- Metal plate and ring recipes now use the Armorer's Metalshaping skill instead of Metalworking.
- Fixed an issue causing writs not to be issued properly.
- Ball of Fire and Westfend's Ice Spear share the same re-use timer as originally intended.
- The level 37 shadowknight spell Insatiable Hunger now buffs the entire group as it was meant to do.
- Certain level 30+ boss mobs have become more formidable. Approach with caution.

*** Zones ***

The Condemed Catacomb
- Limestone Watchers and Vindiami the Ancient will no longer assist the goblins prematurely.
- Wandering goblins will no longer aggro adventurers who have just entered the zone.
- Tutorial instructions should no longer pop up when entering the zone.

Cazic Thule
- Nemar Gadgetglow should now offer the Thulzite Gem for sale after completing the second stage of the access quest.
- Tae Ew and Thulian Lizardmen will drop the Thulzite slivers, shards, pieces, and gems more often.


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