Patch Notes - March 23rd, 2005

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Dire Hollow entrance is no longer so dire, and MORE in today's patch notes.

*** The Bloodline Chronicles ***

- The area surrounding the entrances to Dire Hollow and Underrot Caverns should now be safer.

- You no longer need to do a certain number of quests before speaking with Cryptomancer Nasrara and Investigator Dahno.

- The recipe books for creating imbued items have been made more readily available to crafters in the cities. You can now find them in your local wholesaler tradeskill area.

- The enchantment for crafted breastplates has been changed to scale more properly with levels, and now has a small heal over time added.

*** The Norrathian Express ***

- All messages will now stay in your Inbox for 30 days, whether they have been read or not.

*** Gameplay ***

- Certain encounters in the Invasion of the Vale have been made slightly more challenging.

- Cackling Cadavers in Nektulos Forest now have a bit more meat on their bones.

- Lord Everling in the Return to Nektropos will no longer use a fear spell.

- Ruse will now do its damage when the ability is activated.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The sell-back price of crafted items should no longer vary based on whether or not it is attuned.

- Level 30 and 40 wholesaler tasks can now be completed properly.

- Orb recipes should now use metal sheets (for real this time).

- The recipe for the Ruby Ring will now look for a Diamondine Sheet.

*** Commands, Controls, and User Interface ***

- The text display in the quest reward window has been corrected.

*** UI Files Modified ***


- The EverQuest II Team

Update Notes: March 22, 2005 3/22/2005 4:00 AM

*** The Norrathian Express ***

- Friends and trustees can now use in-house mailboxes.
- Items flagged as No Destroy cannot be sent as gifts.
- Coins sent as gifts will no longer automatically convert into other denominations. For example, sending 300 silver will result in the recipient getting 300 silver, not 3 gold.

*** The Bloodline Chronicles ***

- The Shattered Vampire Fangs quest can now be completed.
- Trelech Stonehome's second quest update message has been changed to one that is more appropriate.
- Titles awarded at events leading up to the Bloodline Chronicles should now be granted properly.
- Solo versions of the Nektulos Forest instanced adventure areas should now allow up to 6 players inside.
- Ceremonial Bracers of Marr are now corectly flagged as a wrist item.

*** Gameplay ***

- Players who have completed lots of quests should now find their Quest Journals working correctly.
- The gnomes in Thieves' Way are no longer quite as willing to give up their treasure. Darn greedy gnomes.
- Regent Grozmag in Draconic instance of Deathfist Citadel will now react appropriately to intruders.

*** Commands, Controls, and User Interface ***

- The Quest Journal should now open faster for those who have completed a large number of quests.
- Fixed a crash related to adjusting the height of custom UI windows.
- Custom interfaces should no longer crash when examining items.


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