Vanguard: McPherson Interviewed

Posted Mon, Dec 04, 2006 by LadySirse

Advanced info about the abilities and skills of the game recently had a chance to sit down with Darrin McPherson. Keep reading to find out what they were able to learn about the upcoming Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. How do you come up with so many abilities/spells? Have any other games or works influenced your work?

Darrin McPherson: Good question. We have a lot of influences. Games we have played, books we have read, movies we have seen. It is not any one source, but more a collection of them. It is not easy and we often feel pretty thinly stretched. It is not because we run out of ideas, it is much more that we run out of new things to do within our limits. A good example of what I am talking about can be had by comparing a video game to a pen and paper game. Pen and Paper designers are not constrained by things like Interface, Animations, NPC assets, Sound and Particle Effects. Our limitations are very real and it can be tough to do something new time and time again using the same building blocks. The challenge is fun though!

You know the drill...the rest is just a click away!


Vanguard: Saga of Heroes celebrates its 7th anniversary with a rainbow whale companion gift, contests, and bonus events.

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