Ideas Incoming!

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Do you have some ideas for Station Cash? Is there an item that you are just dying to see up on the market? Share them with SOE!

Please share your ideas for things you would like to see that fit within the spirit of the marketplace (please donÂ’t ask for EpicÂ’sÂ…). IÂ’ll be tracking this thread and reporting internally on the things that you guys ask for. While I canÂ’t guarantee that every single requested item will make it in the games, and canÂ’t set a schedule from your idea to delivery as a game asset, I want you to know that we are quite serious about not only hearing your input, but putting it to work if itÂ’s viable.
I know there must be a million GREAT ideas out there and now is your chance to get them heard! Head on over to the official forums and share yours!
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