The Teachings of Yoru - Flowing Black Silk Sash

Here are the stats for the Flowing Black Silk Sash, a very nice belt (even alone, but with 15% attack rate increase it truly rocks!) before we begin:
Here are the stats for the Flowing Black Silk Sash, a very nice belt (even alone, but with 15% attack rate increase it truly rocks!) before we begin:

Flowing Black Silk Sash
  • Req. lvl: 42, Max: 50
  • +8 STR,   +6 WIS,   +8 AGI,   +36 Health,   +36 Power, +400 DivineR, +320 MentalR
  • Permanent effect: 15% attack haste
  • Slot: Waist
  • AC: 57
The Teachings of Yoru.... Quest for the Flowing Black Silk Sash

Required level is 40.

Head out to Windstalker Village in Antonica. There you will find a wizened monk named Yoru the Old (-1814, -38, -519) who will give you tasks to fulfill.  First, you have to harvest 10 pieces of wood in Antonica from Wind Felled Trees. Your foresting skill must be level 20 or higher. If it is not, go raise it in a Tier One zone such as Oakmyst Forest.  After you have the wood pieces return to Yoru.

Well guess what? Yoru is hungry and you are his cook today.  He wants Basil Grilled Deer. This requires your Artisan skill to be at least 5, and you need to purchase the Artisan Basics Volume 5 in the tradeskill instance of your choice.  Deer meat drops from deer or can be trapped in Tier One dens.  Basil is harvested as Raw Basil and must be refined before use.  After completing the Basil Grilled Deer bring it to Yoru. 

Thought you were done eh? Now the old codger is thirsty!  He wants ale, and not just any ale... he wants a certain tavern's ale.  This step is on a 15 minute timer but won't take that long if you know where to look.  There is a keg at the tavern (-725.2, -15.9, +231.3) that you need to click. This is along the main east west highway, east of the 2 guard towers.  Then the timer resets to another 15 minute setting so run back to Yoru.

Now he asks you to sit and meditate with him. More likely he's just feeling mellow from the food and ale.  Anyway go ahead and sit down. But keep an eye out... there they are! Highwaymen, a level 41 group of them, will attack you!  Kill them and speak to Yoru again.

Now he sends you to find Cythan in the Feerrott. This NPC is almost directly south of the zone in, near the wall (0, +26.5, +961.5). Everyone in the group MUST speak to Cythan at the SAME TIME.  This will start a ring event that has a 5 minute timer. 9 Spirit Monks will spawn one at a time, ranging from level 40-42, and you must kill them in time.  Each one will be tougher than the one before. After you kill the Spirit Master speak again to Cythan for the next step.

You now have to kill 4 spirits in 4 different zones. Each one has an NPC placeholder that you speak to in order to spawn the mob. You can find them (if they are up) in the Enchanted Lands, Rivervale, Feerrott, and Zek. Names and locations of the NPCs and their spawns are:

Feerrott: Tarnis at -1870, -22, +749 (in Gulch of Thule near Cazic Thule) will spawn Sartar the Unrivaled 44^^
Enchanted Lands: Lo'volonus at -99, +31, -1127, in Enchanted Lands (north part of zone) will spawn Oodan the Tranquil 43^^
Rivervale: Burdop at -27, +7, -212 (along the west wall not far from zone in) will spawn Borbin the Prevailer  43^^
Zek: Zan Filis at -22.66, +75, -368.87 (top of Deathfist Lookout south of Deathfist Citadel) will spawn Brother Raster 44^^

WARNING: ALL these mobs will knockback the player they are agroed on.... for a great distance. I myself have been thrown off Deathfist Lookout and it isn't a fun ride.  Have your tank pull these mobs to where they cannot use this advantage; back up against a wall or in Raster's case run him down to the bottome of the lookout and back up against it if possible.  In Feerrott try to get  Sartar positioned so the tank does not get thrown into the Thulians who wander the area.  In Rivervale back up the west wall so Borbin can't get off his throw attack. In EL the tank needs to get his back against a tree to avoid agro from NBs if they con and to not get thrown into the water. Remember if the tank gets thrown he/she may lose agro and be too far away to heal if injured. If thrown from Deathfist you may lodge in a cliff face with an unrecoverable shard so BE CAREFUL! 

OK your group has finally prevailed against all 4 of these difficult mobs. Now return to Cythan in Feerrott. Have the group members who have the quest speak to him one at a time.  He will despawn and return as a spirit called Cythan the Last.   Have your tank back up against the wall as with the other mobs.  He is level 45 ^^ and is  IMMUNE to normal piercing weapons. When he is down have the person who hailed him click the nearby rock to receive the Flowing Black Silk Sash. Now when your group is rested and recovered, have the next person talk to the respawned Cythan to repeat the encounter. Repeat this procedure until all in your group have their sashes.

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