Lost Legend of Lavastorm - The Crown Of King Tranix

Lost Legend of Lavastorm - Crown of King Tranix

This is a good quest to pair up with Saving Soles.

Right when you zone into lavastorm head into that building on the docks, on the right side of the room is a man named Fendaris K'Lorn. Hail him to start the quest. He wants you to collect goblin tablets. These are quest updates from goblins all around lavastorm as well as the grinnin in the tombs of night if you'd rather hunt there for em as they are lower level. Once you have all 20 return to Fendaris. Now you have to collect goblin banners. This is best done invis as you dont have to ever stop for stupid things agroing on you. All around the goblin areas first thru the tunnel, and then across the bridge. Here are some spawn locations we are aware of. (-175, -129, +334), (-153, -124, +274), (-157, -114, +199), (-726, -113, +339), (-345, -130, +324), (-737, +437), (-774, +389), (-321, +458), (-555, +470), (-590, +265), (-225, +149). Examine the Banners and Return to Fendaris. You'll recieve a scroll examine it and you wont be able to read it yet. Now you must know the language The Words of Pure Magic. It tells a story about goblins, now you must go back to the locations mentioned.

-646, -79, +65 - The Wound.
-678, -66, -159 - Goblet of Ro
-635, -111, +302 - Youve been here searching for flags already.
-230, -113, +149 - Lava waterfall straight out from the tunnel from the beach.
-193, -114, +251 - Just after Najena entrance towards the lava waterfall.

Next talk to Bunglegreeder he can be found at -403, -98, +194 very easy to get to while invis. He wants rocks from mobs around lavastorm.

Metamorphite - Harvested from the metamorphite rocks
Flame Licked Diamond - Harvested from Flame Licked Ore
Molten Fragmite - Molten Fragments
Noxious Pearl - Noxious Emissions
Basalt Turquoise - Basalt Rumblers
Globule Rose - Flaming Globules
Dormizite - Dormant Basalt Rumblers
Bouldering Heart - Bouldering Guards of named giant at Broken Spire.

Return to Bunglegreeder

Go to the temple of Ro and make nothing but right turns, you will come to a library with a ghost inside. The ghost wants you to seek out dead knight bones across the lands.

Lavastorm (-551,-92,16)
Lavastorm (-282,-6,-435)
Everfrost (25,28,-478)
Feerrott (-1933,-22,557)
Zek (-192,-25,-553)
The Enchanted Lands (-398,0,-624)
Nektulos Forest (-1374,28,-697)
Thundering Steppes (853,-32,1064)
Commonlands (249,-47,252)
Antonica (-2051,-37,-564)

You put these in the censor near Tazgar. Then go back to the ghost and he tells you about the Book of King Tranix which is in this very library. Why cant anyone be easy, oh hey your looking for info, yeah its in that book over there. Dang greedy ghosts its not like they dont have all the time in the world that they need you to go wandering all over the place... but thats for another place and time. Into Sol Eye you go, to the Giants of Thyr go to the chest at +99 -356. +189.
It wants you to kill names in Sol Eye. Pair up this part with the Efreeti Bastion access quest.

Speaker - Same room as the Chest
The Castigator - Same Room as Chest - Sometimes gives credit for both.
Lord Crana - Glass Room deep in Thyr area (-287, -516, +123)
Onyxlam - Titans area (-31, -34, -135)

Now return to the chest to get your Crown!

Crown of  King Tranix
11 Sta, 11 Str, 50 Health, 20 Power, 726 vs Magic
Damage shield of 70-86 damage, and infravision.

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