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Bruiser Guide Index

Bruiser Guide Index

Bruiser Main Page & Credits
1.0 - Bruiser Basics
2.0 - Combat Arts List & Training Spells
3.0 - Methods & Techniques
4.0 - Where to Hunt

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The Baneful Bruiser

The premier class guide for the Bruiser Class!

Bruisers;  The raw powerful beings that can take down a foe with their bare hands.  These intense fighters hone their skills with untold years of training, perfecting the art of killing, giving it a sadistic beauty.

Bruisers are right up there along with Monks as one of my favorite classes.  Being the evil counterpart of the Monks, they deal out more damage than their Qeynosian counterparts, but still maintain that amazing style of physical grace combined with the sheer deadly force brought by the skills of their martial arts.

The Bruiser makes a great class to play for someone that wants to be able to tank as well as any fighter, but also deal out damage that can sometimes rival those of the mages and scouts.  This fun and versatile class is sure to bring joy to any player that picks it up.


This guide will help you in your career path as a Bruiser.  We hope to give you insightful advice whether you be someone thinking of playing this class or a seasoned Bruiser, just looking for a little information.  Below is a brief overview of the sections that you will find in this guide.  And as always, if you have something that you would like to add, I am always interested in hearing what you have to say.  Bruisers are very welcome to drop me a e-mail and let me what they would like to see in this guide, or perhaps add some of their own tips and tricks for playing their class.

A Quick Tour

Section 1: Bruiser Basics Gives some insight to your new class, racial choices, and getting started.
Section 2: Combat Arts & Training Spells
A complete list of combat art from levels 1-70, including your training spells (Master 2 choices).
Section 3: Methodology
A little bit of information to get you going on your Bruiser career, and a break down of the Bruiser CA spell lines.
Section 4: Where to Hunt
Advice on where to take your bruiser when you're looking to slaughter those vile mobs!

Guides to both the Brawler achievements and the Bruiser specific achievement abilities.


  • Savanja, The guide robot 2.0
  • Your name here If you got a Bruiser, feel free to toss me more info, and I'll be sure to give you credit.

Last Update:

  • 06.09.06 (guide posted!)
  • 03.13.08 Guide Updated

To-Do List:

  • Add info for the armor quests

Thanks for reading the's Bruiser Guide! If you have any questions or comments, toss me an email: [email protected]


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