Fiction by Eberron Creator Keith Baker

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Shadows of Stormreach: Chapter One

Eberron creator, Keith Baker, has written a story exclusively for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach.


Shadow could taste blood in her mouth ... her own. A crossbow bolt was embedded in her left shoulder, another in her right thigh. Every step was torture, and her vision blurred. But she couldn't give in to the pain. The enemy was on her trail.

A group of sailors blocked the street ahead of her: Sarlonan traders unloading their scow, shouting and laughing. Shadow plunged into the mob. The sailors were human, and they towered over her. One nearly tripped over the halfling girl. Shadow didn't speak their language, but from the tone she guessed the oath was a foul one. She emerged on the other side of the throng and kept running. If she was lucky, the sailors would prove more of an obstacle for her pursuers. A newcomer might have begged the men for assistance, but Shadow was no fool, and she knew better than to look for charity on the wharves of Stormreach.

Almost there. The sounds of ocean and city seemed distant, and even the pain had dissolved into cold void. She stumbled, barely staying on her feet. You've come too far to fall.

Read the first chapter of Shadows of Stormreach [here].

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