Announcing the Ten Ton Hammer Premium Membership

Updated Fri, Jan 02, 2009 by Shayalyn

All the Cool People Are Doing It

For less than 6 cents per day ($19.95 per year) you can be a Premium Member! Plus, while beta key supplies last, be among the first to beta test one of this year's hottest titles, Fury, and get a chance to attend BlizzCon 2007 all expenses paid! Act now, because these offers are for a limited time only!

Membership includes;

  • A Custom Forum Title
    • Stand out in the greatest MMO gaming community on the Internet
  • Premium members only message forum
  • Special premium contests
    • Trips to BlizzCON, PAX, etc. (Flights, hotel, tickets and spending money included)
  • Access to specialty TTH merchandise
  • Autographed TTH jerseys, game swag and more
  • Access to high-speed patch and client downloads
  • First access to beta keys and beta testing opportunities
    • Premium members get first shot at beta testing the latest games
  • Discounted access to TTH hosted events
  • The great feeling that you are supporting a Gold Free network

To kick the Premium Membership off right we are offering some truly incredible contests open only to our Premium Members.

  • Win a Trip To BlizzCON! Your flight, your hotel, your BlizzCON ticket and $200 spending money will be on us. Tickets are sold out, but not for TTH Premium Members.
  • Win 1 of 4 BlizzCON tickets. We won't pay for your ride or your hotel, but we have a ticket with your name on it. Four lucky Premium Members are going to win a ticket to this sold-out event!
  • 75 Fury Beta Keys - Be one of the first to test and try Auran's next big game, Fury!

How's that for a great start to our membership program? Act fast, these prizes won't last long, but we'll have plenty more for our members soon!

Click Here To Become A Premium Member! And thanks for helping to support Ten Ton Hammer.

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