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In our effort to bring you more of the best Vanguard information around, we're building a comprehensive bestiary...and we need your help. What we ask is that you collect screenshots and stats for some of Telon's fierce (and perhaps not so fierce) creatures and bad guys.

Isle of Dawn

Burning Village

Corrupted Rock Field

Earth Den

Temple of the Ancients

The Hermit Hut


    Jalen's Crossing



    Tawar Galan

    The Tomb of Lord Tsang

    Wildgrowth Forest



    Coterie Infineum

    Cragwind Ridge

    Dragon's Backbone

  • Sloggerosh

  • Lomshir Plain


    River Valley

    Seawatch Coast

    Seawatch Cove

    Tar Janashir

    The Temple of Dailuk



      Frostshard Lake

      Renton Keep

      Silver Lake

      Shrine of the Flame

      The Deebs


      Wardship of the Sleeping Moon

      Veksal's Exchange

      Vsurog Moor


      Special Events

      Halloween GM Event - 2007


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