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Beyond the Hill

Beyond the Hill

Overhill Quest Guide

By Darkgolem

Overhill is a logging community located north of the Hill and Hobbiton in the Shire.  Recently however, new problems have arrived to this peaceful community.  Spiders have appeared in the northern portions of the wood here, and they threaten the wood gathering and livelihood of the whole place.  This quest chain climaxes with saving the "walking tree", one of the more fun "escort" quests in LOTRO.  Beware the spiders here, they can drop down from above, which can be quite a surprise for newer adventurers.

A surprising number of other quests are found here, often parts of other quests which lead one to this area.  Of course, the pie running and postman quests are found here (these are needed for some of the deeds of the Shire) but additionally, some of the quests in Tuckborough, notably Polo Proudfoot's bee quests (a small chain).  This area is a great area to get spider killing deeds done, and to gather skins.  The woods north of Overhill are simply swimming with bears and boars.

Overhill Quest List
Quest Giver
Background Task Reward
Hart Holeman
The Big Black Bear
A big black bear has decided to make Hart Holeman's woodpile its home, causing Hart no end of trouble.
Defeat the Big Black Bear

Hart Holeman's woodpile is to the north, beyond the wall and a small logging camp.

Hart Holeman is willing to provide the charcoal Hyacinth Took requested, but first he wants you to drive off a big black bear that has made his woodpile its home.

(Author's note: The Woodpile is at 26.4S, 70.1W)
The Woodpile

Gammer Boffin
Long Live the Queen (requires A Salve For Stings)
Polo Proudfoot needs new queens for his hives to replace the ones killed by the honey-bears.
Find a Wild Bee Hive Before the Salve Dries

Farmer Proudfoot is guarding his hives in the meadow south-east of Tuckborough. The wild beehives you are looking for are in a bear-infested area further south-east past the meadow.

Farmer Proudfoot sent you to Gammer Boffin in Overhill to obtain some balm to keep off the bees, so you can collect a hive for him. Gammer Boffin warned you that the salve will not last long, so you will need to collect the hive as soon as possible and take it to Polo Proudfoot.

( Author's note:  This quest is from Overhill, and requires you run to Tuckboro.  Don't delay, the timer on this quest is not very long.  The Beehives are at 34.2S, 69.7W, you can get one on the edge and run back without fighting easily enough.)
Beekeeper's Hood
Hive Keeper's Boots

Everard Holebourne
Lucky Sling-Stone
Everard Holebourne lost his venison and his favourite sling-stone to a marauding bear.
Collect the lucky sling-stone

The bear den is north of Overhill, located on the slopes above the Bolestones. Everard awaits you at his home in the middle of Overhill.

Everard Holebourne has asked you to retrieve his lucky sling-stone from the carcass of the deer he killed, which was dragged off to a bear den.

(Author's note: The quest description for this quest is inaccurate.  The carcass in in the northern edge of the map of the shire, at the very heart of the Bolestones, 25.5S, 70.6W)
Lucky Short Bow
Cooked Carrots (5)
Otho Broadbelt
Spider Plague
Otho Broadbelt, a trader carrying goods from Bree, had his waggon overrun by spiders.
Collect the trade goods

Otho Broadbelt's waggon is just off the road to the north-east of Overhill, next to the falls.

Otho Broadbelt needs you to recover the trade goods he was bringing back from Bree from the waggon he abandoned outside Overhill.

(Author's note: There are not a ton of spiders, but there are goblins here.  The trade goods are at 27.3S, 69.5W)
Primula Diggins
Building the Michel Delving Homestead
Michel Delving is a burgeoning community, with many new holes being dug.
1. Bring the order to Andy Brockhouse.

Andy Brockhouse is near the gates of the Michel Delving homestead, south of the town proper.

The woodworker in Overhill has asked you to deliver a work order confirmation to Andy Brockhouse.

Andy is found in Tuckborough at
32.9S, 71.0W

2. Bring the order to Rolf Bracegirdle

Rolf Bracegirdle is in the market square of the Michel Delving homestead.

Andy Brockhouse has signed the work order and asked you to take it to Rolf Bracegirdle.
Crocus Stonybanks
Camping Preparations
Crocus Stonybanks is trying to assemble some campfire materials so she can go camping with her friends.
Collect Campfire Materials (2)

Crocus Stonybanks is in Overhill.

Crocus has asked you to bring her two sets of campfire materials so she can go camping with her friends.

(Author's note:  Campfire materials are a low level cooking recipe.  You might end up having to buy them from the auction house.)
Treated Rowan (6)
Light Hide (4)
Copper Ore (2)
Postman Boffin Overhill
Bundle for Bywater
Postman Boffin of Overhill has asked you to deliver a satchel to Bywater.
Collect the Satchel from Postman Grubb's Table
Avoid Nosey Hobbits

Postman Cotton can be found north-east of The Green Dragon in Bywater, far to the south of Overhill.

Deliver the satchel to Postman Cotton in Bywater as quickly as possible. Let no nosey hobbits interfere with your duty and keep the mail satchel dry!
Otho Broadbelt
Finding the Nest (requires Spider Plague)
Otho is concerned that the spiders infesting his waggon seem to have run off. They may now be a danger elsewhere in the Shire.
1. Talk to Shirriff Robin Smallburrow

Robin Smallburrow can be found at The Ivy Bush Inn in the centre of Hobbiton.

Otho thinks that the Shirriffs should be made aware of the danger the spiders may pose and has asked you to speak with Robin Smallburrow, the Shirriff in Hobbiton.

2. Defeat Spiders (6)
Find the Spider's Nest

There may be spiders in the Bindbole Wood, north and north-west of Overhill.

Otho Broadbelt sent you to speak with Robin Smallburrow about the spiders, but the Hobbiton Shirriff had already received reports about the creatures in Bindbole Wood. Shirriff Smallburrow has asked you to kill as many of the spiders as you can, but also to find their nest.

(Author's Note: The spiders nest is found at 26.9S, 71.7W)
Gammer Boffin
Web Cutter (requires Untangled Webs)
Gammer Boffin has prepared an unpleasant draught from slug-slime that should allow you to pass through the webs protecting the spider-lair in Bindbole Woods.
Get past the webs in Lob's Grove

The spider-nest is to the north-west of Overhill town centre, past the wall and the lumber-yard.

Shirriff Smallburrow sent you to Gammer Boffin in Overhill to obtain something to dissolve the spider-webs blocking the way to the nest. Gammer warned you that the mixture dries quickly, so you must hurry. She also mentioned a nursery story about a walking tree in Bindbole Wood that might serve as an ally...if it even exists.

(Author's Note: The web to cut is found at 26.2S, 72.5W.  Beware that spiders come down from above to ambush you sometimes while traveling here.)

2. Find the walking tree

The walking tree, if it exists, probably can be found somewhere in the spider nest.

You were able to clear the way to the nest using Gammer Boffin's draught. She also mentioned a nursery story about a walking tree in the wood that might help to deal with the spiders, though she warned it might be dangerous to you as well.

(Author's note: The walking tree is at 25.6S, 72.8W)
Walking Tree
Free the Tree
You found the fabled "walking tree" that Gammer Boffin told you about, and it appears to be entrapped by the spiders.
Free the walking tree

Gammer Boffin's draught is almost spent, but there appears to be just enough left to help weaken the webs binding the tree.

(Author's note: The Tree is actually moderately durable, making this quest less of an annoyance than other escort quests.)
The Walking Tree
Smallburrow's Gloves
Old Forester's Axe

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