LOTRO: Q & A with Jeff Anderson

Posted Fri, Jan 26, 2007 by LadySirse

Monster Play and Player-Versus-Player Combat

Gamespot took some time recently to sit down with Turbine CEO and president Jeff Anderson to get the first details on the innovative new player-versus-player system that will let you play as Middle-earth monsters.

GameSpot: Could you give us an overview of monster play?

Jeff Anderson: When we started building Lord of the Rings, we asked ourselves a little bit about the fiction and the franchise. And we said clearly one of the goals of the franchise is to let you feel like you're part of Middle-earth, to feel like you're part of the War of the Ring. And those are two similar but dissimilar objectives. And in doing that, we wanted to make sure like you felt like you could play a hero, and your hero is a dwarf or an elf or a hobbit or a human

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