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While the January sun drifts through painted skies, the Ten Ton War Machine marches on to bring you, dear readers, another week’s worth of the best exclusive MMOG content from the front lines of the ‘net.

Free-to-play games are certainly on the rise, with quality finally showing signs of winning out over sheer quantity. With that in mind, this week our writers set out to explore the business model, provide some pointers for those gamers new to the world of FTP and even handed out a round of awards to some very deserving titles.   

Our exclusive guides might not serve to protect you from the impending zombie apocalypse, but they’ll certainly provide some excellent reading once you’ve barricaded the doors and windows. And what better way to save you from dementia after being locked inside your impenetrable fortress than to give our inaugural “Loading… Live” Voon podcast a listen?

This Week’s Hot Content:

2008 Best of F2P Awards - Danny "Ralsu" Gourley played free-to-play (F2P) games almost exclusively in 2008, and he told Ten Ton Hammer readers about his best experiences in his Top Ten Free-to-Play Games. Now that 2009 is here, Ralsu takes a look back and celebrates the best F2P games he tried in a number of categories.
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The Chronicles of Spellborn: Combat Evolved - One of the most frequently utilized and repetitive mechanics in any MMOG is the combat system. With thousands of clicks how can you build something innovative and strategic that will provide ample challenge to veterans? The Chronicles of Spellborn has gone in a different direction differing from anything else the market has seen. We look at a number of reasons if put together properly this could be something truly innovative.
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WoW Celebrities: An Interview with NFL Punter Chris "Warcraft" Kluwe - When it was discovered that an NFL player was thinking about changing his name to "Warcraft" to honor his favorite hobby, MMO industry columnists and football fans across the internet went into a posting frenzy. In a situation similar to that of future Hall of Fame pitcher, Curt Schilling, people seem to be fascinated that a professional athlete might enjoy a game like World of Warcraft. Rather than simply post the news, the Ten Ton Hammer staff opted to track down Chris "Warcraft" Kluwe and find out the truth about his name change and why he's known as such a video gamer.
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Loading... Live!

Ten Ton Hammer begins our inaugural Voon podcast by saying goodbye to one of our longest running columns: Not Funny... Ever. Authored by MMO humor writer Coyote since May 2006, Coyote is ending the column to pursue new writing endeavors, including editing Ten Ton Turnip and will be filing his time with a few interesting projects of his own.
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