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Kingsisle Entertainment's Wizard101

Kingsisle Entertainment's Wizard101 allows players to join the Ravenwood school for wizards and embark on a journey to save the land from the perils created by Professor Malistaire, an wizard gone out of control. Ten Ton Hammer has already told you that the game is good fun for the whole family in the Wizard101 review, and now Kingsisle Entertainment is releasing new content to keep the title fresh for players of all ages. First up, the new environment Dragonspyre is an ancient haunted world where renegade Death Magic professor Malistaire has recently been spotted. Players will face challenging new battles, and ultimately discover the truth about Professor Malistaire's sinister plans. Also new is a PvP arena where players can challenge each other in either Practice or Ranked duels, with up to four Wizards per team. A robust matchmaking service matches Wizard101 subscribers with similarly ranked Wizards, and the winners of each duel are awarded Arena Tickets, redeemable for unique loot. Ten Ton Hammer has pictures of this new content for readers to enjoy.

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