MMOs, the Final Frontier: The Untapped Potential of Sci-Fi IPs

Until now, the sci-fi genre has seen limited success in the MMO industry, while fantasy has clearly flourished. In his latest daydream journey into outer space, Reuben “Sardu” Waters takes a closer look at this phenomenon, while also suggesting some notable sci-fi IPs that could very well turn the tide in sci-fi’s favor in the genre wars.

Scanning over the growing list of sci-fi MMOs in development, it’s hard to ignore the one-two punch of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online. If any IPs have the potential to assimilate a massive following that shatters the bonds previously holding the genre back, it would be these two. That said, there are other promising titles on my radar that I fully expect will knock people’s collective +2 Socks of Socking off. I could wax poetic about upcoming titles such as Jumpgate Evolution until the cyborg cows come home to recharge their batteries.

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