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In the Trenches: How Socialization in EVE Online Killed BoB

Posted Thu, Feb 12, 2009 by Cody Bye

In most MMOs, you defeat or kill your opponents in direct conflicts. Whether you're in Tier 4 in WAR, Wintergrasp in WoW, or the Border Kingdoms in AoC, you always stand toe to toe with your enemies and crush them with your might. Destroy their town enough times, and you'll probably break their spirits and they'll disband.

But EVE Online is a bit different. Although direct conflicts exist, the destruction of your enemy can also come in other ways. Sneaky ways. That's what happened a week ago with the Band of Brothers, the most powerful alliance in the entire game, and we'll explore their destruction in this week's In the Trenches.

It seems incredibly appropriate that the biggest alliance in all of EVE Online would be taken down by a single individual. If any guild wants to learn something from the story of BoB's downfall, it's to never allow your leadership to be spread thin enough that something like this could occur. Although it may not be the most popular strategy, the use of a single-man leadership hierarchy (like the Syndicate's) would have avoided this sort of problem altogether. Rather than be taken down from the inside by one individual, a guild would only disband if that single guild leader was swayed one way or another.


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